Economic Themes (2021) 59 (4) 7, 535-554


Vesna Milanović, Andrea Bučalina Matić, Jelena Golubović

Abstract: The subject of the research in this paper was the examination of satisfaction with the internal communication dimensions that have the strongest correlations with job satisfaction, which are: supervisor communication and personal feedback. Therefore, if employees are satisfied with these communication dimensions, their job satisfaction will be at a satisfactory level. The goal of the research was to determine satisfaction with the observed communication dimensions based on the employees' attitudes. Managers' and non-managerial employees' attitudes towards the observed communication dimensions are presented, also. On the sample of 72 respondents, using descriptive statistics, the results have shown that the employees are not satisfied with the observed dimensions, also, the non-managerial employees are less satisfied than the managerial ones. The results are useful since they provide a description of the observed dimensions and findings of the previous studies, especially the ones which investigated the relationship between satisfaction with the observed communication dimensions and job satisfaction. The results may be useful for (Serbian) managers in the process of managing the observed communication dimensions. The sample size limits the generalizability of the result.

Keywords:  satisfaction; supervisor communication; personal feedback; employees; job satisfaction

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