Economic Themes (2019) 57 (3) 8, 381-396


Sandra Milanović

Abstract: Career anchors represent the internal constellations of motives, needs and career goals of individuals. It is of great importance to identify person’s career anchor and according to it, to design career management practices. Furthermore, if there is congruence between career anchor and job related characteristics, many positive outcomes such as job satisfaction, organizational commitment, low turnover intentions, etc. may emerge. The aim of this paper is to identify which one of nine defined career anchors is dominant career anchor of secondary school teachers as public sector employees and how they differ in terms of demographic factors such as gender, age and work experience. In order to achieve this goal, empirical research was conducted using a sample of 44 secondary school teachers from one town. The descriptive statistic’s results indicated that the dominant career anchor of secondary school teachers is security – job tenure, followed by service and lifestyle career anchors. Non-parametric tests were applied for the assessment of statistically significant differences between demographic groups. Female teachers and teachers between 41 and 50 years expressed higher levels of importance of security – job tenure career anchor, but teachers with work experience lesser than 15 years showed higher levels of importance of security – geographic. The findings of this study add new contribution to the literature and career management practices in Serbia.

Keywords:  career anchors; security; service; career manageme

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