Economic Themes (2018) 56 (2) 4, 203-220


Aleksandra Dragin, Aleksandra Lazarević, Maja Mijatov

Abstract: This paper deals with the position of tourist escorts in Serbia, primarily in a domain of business ethics. Employees’ behaviour is important aspect of gaining the business stability, which is reflecting the importance of business ethics for reaching the prosperity within specific organisation, together with the improvement of business performances reflected in the form of financial indicators. The main results of the research are related to attitudes of tourist escorts from Serbia regarding the business ethics in a scope of their work. Historical method, together with a field research (work of one co-author within the position of tourist escort) and a research in the form of interviews were used for data collecting procedure. Furthermore, descriptive and analytical-synthetic methods were used in data processing and during the interpretation of the gained results. Research results could be useful in practical terms to the whole tourism industry, especially to tourist agencies, tourist escorts and tourist guides.

Keywords:  tourist escort; Serbia; tourism; business ethics

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