Economic Themes (2016) 54 (4) 4, 517-534


Aleksandra Anđelković, Marija Radosavljević, Danijela Stošić Panić

Abstract: The acceptance of lean philosophy in the company means not only respecting the lean principles in the manufacturing but in all the processes that are performed inside the company. All processes in the company that are a potential places for making losses and waste and thus require the application of lean principles. Among others, warehouse and warehouse operations, as a centre of costs and waste, must be supported through the implementation of lean philosophy in the company by respecting lean principles. The implementation of lean principles in the warehouse is a certain step of improvement warehouse process and performance, but also of the whole company. In that sense, the paper presents the analysis of the warehousing process and its performances before and after implementation of the lean tools in a selected Serbian company as a practical example. In addition, research shows which parts of warehousing need to be improved, in analysed company, as well as correlation between the individual parts of warehousing, according to employees' opinion from next sectors: purchasing, production and logistics.

Keywords:  lean manufacturing; lean warehouse; supply chain; performance

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