Economic Themes (2016) 54 (1) 3, 45-60


Živorad Gligorijević, Predrag Ubavić

Abstract: As other countries of Central and Southeastern Europe, the Republic of Serbia at the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century entered the process of universal transformation, which in essence represented a powerful political and economic movement for thorough changes in all parts of social and economic life. The central place in total transformational processes was taken by property, that is ownership transformation. The purpose of this research are numerous changes and the effects caused by the ownership transformation, that is privatisation in all economic activities, and in tourism as well. The research methods used in this paper are: analysis method, synthesis method, abstraction method, generalisation method, comparison method, as well as mathematical and statistical methods. The research results show that the effects of the privatisation in the tourism activities of Serbia are rather devastating. Besides, there were no necessary changes in other elements of business transformation (organisational, managerial, personnel, technological and other), what is the decrease in quality of tourist offer in Serbia and its bad position on the international tourism market. Taking into account that the Republic of Serbia has included the development of tourism amongst the priorities of its actual economic policy and development strategy, results of this research should by its originality, scientific approach to the subject of the research, quality and expertise, complete research material in this scientific field, also to point out new possibilities of Serbian tourism development to creators of economic, touristic and investment politics.

Keywords:  Serbian tourism; privatisation; effects of privatisation; investments; sources of investments

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