Economic Themes (2015) 53 (4) 3, 483-501


Gorica Bošković, Marija Radosavljević

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to highlight the fact that there is a significant relationship between design quality and process quality, and then the quality of the finished products (internal quality) and the later use of the products by the consumers (external quality). The paper outlines the model of synergy between design management and process management. Since design quality is the first link in this chain of creating quality, it is necessary to adequately carry out the design process, or provide highquality design. High-quality design includes connectivity and collaboration between functions that can contribute to the design process, such as: research and development, production, marketing and supply. In order to achieve this, it is important to continuously work on education and training of employees. In addition, it is necessary to apply the tools characteristic for providing quality design, but also the common tools important for quality management. Accordingly, the subject of paper is examining the impact of employee training, the implementation of quality management tools and application tools for quality design as a factor in establishing links between business functions that should be included in the design process. Based on the application of tools such as regression analysis, cluster analysis and correlation analysis, the results of empirical research suggest that these factors affect the establishment of links between the observed business functions, and facilitate providing the quality of design process.

Keywords:  design quality; processes quality; business functions; cluster analysis; regression and correlation analysis.

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