Economic Themes (2015) 53 (3) 8, 432-448


Vladimir Milićević, Slavoljub Milovanović

Abstract: In a transition period lasting more than twenty years in Serbia, many organizations exist in turbulent and uncertain political, economic and social environment. Great changes in the environment with implications which are difficult to predict pose to the management of the organizations many crisis situations. Every manager possessing standard skills and knowledge for enterprise management must acquire additional skills for management of the crisis situations. Cisis management is set of actions undertaken to control over events composing crisis, in order to minimize losses. In order to undertake appropriate actions in crisis time, manager should know the direction of future events movement and how to allocate resources for reaction to the events. In that situation, the great problem is uncertainty resulting from fast and immediate emergence of crisis events, its complexity and unpredictability. Training system that has aim to enable managers for reaction in crisis situations is analysed in the paper. The system is based on application of contemporary information technologies. In addition, trends and opportunities of electronic learning and training as well as challenges in the development of a training program for crisis management is explained.

Keywords:  Crisis management; electronic learning; training system; information technologies

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