Economic Themes (2015) 53 (3) 6, 397-413


Marija Radosavljević

Abstract: Process management is an essential element of modern management models, at the enterprise level, but also at the supply chain level. However, the importance of process management is explicitly indicated by the processes management maturity models, through analysis of the level of process orientation, or through analysis of the level of quality of process orientation components. Starting from the fact that competition in modern conditions often takes place between supply chains, process management maturity grows into supply chain management maturity. Some of the supply chain management maturity models are SCMAT model, S(CM)2 model and SCPM3 model. In this paper the framework of another supply chain management maturity is formulated, by upgrading the SCOR model with process orientation, or SCORBPO model. This model involves analysis of the presence of supply chain management best practice, on one hand, and the presence of process orientation components, on the other hand. The aim of the research was to identify the maturity of enterprises in Serbia in applying supply chain management best practice, as well as process orientation components that are potential sources of competitive advantage or constraints for enterprises and supply chains. Analysis of justification of hypotheses is done by using correlation and regression analysis. The general conclusion is that between the presence of best practices and process orientation components there is a positive correlation, and that most of the process orientation components affect the implementation of supply chain management best practices.

Keywords:  process orientation; supply chain; maturity; SCOR model; correlation and regression analysis.

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