Economic Themes (2014) 52 (4) 7, 498-512


Živorad Gligorijević, Milan Novović

Abstract: The positive achievements of the globalization process is the awareness of the imminent protection and preservation of the environment, and the consequent health tourism, as a kind of organized movement of people to meet the needs of living in a "pristine nature" and satisfying the need for clean water, food and air. It is a little-known, easily accessible wilderness areas in the world. Environmental values through such places, such as the specific characteristics of space, good climate, hydrographic resources and other natural features can be a good basis for the development of health and recreational tourism in the future. In this sense, national, and increasingly local communities should be responsible for the selected type and pace of tourism development in terms of directing the long-term quality and complex interaction between the tourist offer, tourist demand and the environment in general. Strategic vision, in this context, involves the application of eco-management, both in the field of tourism policy, as well as in the domain of politics at the level of individual holders of tourist attractions. With that in mind, this paper presents the possibilities of development of health and recreational tourism in spas and mountain resorts, and points to the role in this development, there should be an eco-management, especially if we take into account the fact that in today's terms of increased tourist demand for healthy and intact natural areas.

Keywords:  health and recreational tourism; eco-management; spas; mountain resorts.

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