Economic Themes (2014) 52 (2) 2, 139-153


Ivan Stošić

Abstract: The main objective of this paper is to present problems which get in the way of the implementation of planned structural changes brought about by restructuring. This is a very complex matter and a problem which currently troubles Serbia, considering the large number of enterprises which need to be restructured. As opposed to the practice of most developed countries, and even some transitional countries, with intense restructuring processes, these processes have been rather slow in Serbia. However, restructuring is becoming inevitable for a significant number of domestic enterprises. In some enterprises, restructuring needs to be implemented through the bankruptcy and liquidation procedure since there really are no grounds that support their assistance in the form of subsidies, which will indefinitely prolong their unprofitable operations without any chance for success in the market. Still, enterprises with a chance for success in the market can go a long way with the help of aggressive restructuring. With this in mind, the paper outlines some directions for development of corporate restructuring implementation plans.

Keywords:  corporate restructuring; change implementation; Serbia

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