Economic Themes (2014) 52 (1) 9, 131-134

Monograph review: "Managing for Shareholder Value" by Bojan Krstic, PhD and Ljiljana Bonić, PhD

Milorad Stojilković

Abstract: Monograph of national importance titled "Managing for Shareholder Value", issued by Bojan Krstić, PhD and Ljiljana Bonić PhD, represents a study based on a modern approach to performance management wherein the key stages of the process are being considered. The primary text is divided into six segments. The first chapter is devoted to general aspects of the shareholder value. The following chapters deals with the process of manging for shareholder structured by several successive stages (planning, measurement, analysis and reporting, development of a compensation system and audit of information), so that each of the aforementioned stages is assigned one chapter. The monograph is rich in concrete examples from the economic practices of economically developed countries where the concept of value based management is substantially implemented and in which it is treated as a form of business philosophy by the corporations.

Keywords:  shareholder value; management; performance measurement; analysis and reporting; compensation system

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