Economic Themes (2014) 52 (1) 1, 1-12


Igor Mladenović, Dragoslav Kitanović

Abstract: The global economic system and the world crisis are a reality, and hence the challenge for modern economic theory, which is to provide a valid response to its development and overcoming the crisis. The prevailing economic theory and methodology (neo-liberal paradigm) in this field demonstrates serious defects, so this paper attempts to show that the relative nature of economic theory is in expressing the social prejudices of its time. Demystification of the ideological and political foundations of what is today considered "objective knowledge" in the economy, is only possible with the affirmation of a new scientific methodology of economics, i.e. the new philosophy of economics. The aim of the paper is to stimulate thinking and different views on this subject.

Keywords:  global economic system; global crisis; technological determinism; institutional determinism; financialization; methodological paradigm; demystification; methodological individualism; methodological holism; critical approach

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