Economic Themes (2013) 51 (2) 10, 411-424


Svetislav Milenković, Jelena Tasić

Abstract: Organic production appeared as a reaction on ecological degradation and unhealthy food. Its aim was to keep the surrounding with the better production. It a represent suitable ground (soil) for keeping the financial gain of manufacturer, because the articles from ecological production are 20-40% more expensive than thos products from conventional agriculture (agronomy). The most suitable location for healthy food production are in the areas of Fruska gora, Tara, Djerdap, Golija, Stara planina, Sokograd, Mokra gora, Vlasina, Radan, Ovčarsko-kablarske klisura (canyon). The cooperations for the organic food production are in Leskovac, Čačak, and some other parts of Serbia. In Serbia there is 0.1% of about 1600 ha area where organic food is producted.For the organic food to be led from home manufactures to customers, there must be greaterit involvement of country, and manufacturer, but also the uprise of citizens mind, but also the uprise of citizens awareness a higher level.

Keywords:  organic production; import; food; sustainable development.

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