Economic Themes (2012) 50 (4) 5, 503-510


Yuriy Makogon

Abstract: Currently, international economic relations are under severe transformations related to new economic challenges of the XXI century. Critical role is played by the processes of globalization and the formation of post-industrial society. The technical base of production is rapidly improving. The optimization of branch and territorial structures of national economies are in the process. Among these changes are happening and the process of intensive development of small business: expanding its sphere of operation and a range of functions performed by them. Small business is a sector of the economy, which alone or in conjunction with large firms and state-owned organizations participates directly in shaping and promoting positive social and economic processes, largely determine the shape and trends in developed countries for coming decades.The aim of the research is to study the current state and problems of foreign economic activity of small business in Ukraine in the context of globalization, as well as determining the prospects of its development, involving into account international experience and national identity management.

Keywords:  foreign economic activity; small business; globalization; world economy

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