Economic Themes (2012) 50 (3) 4, 319-335


Suzana Stefanović, Danijela Stošić

Abstract: Current problems of entrepreneurship development have been gaining in importance both in theoretical and in empirical research. The aim of this paper is to highlight the specificities of female entrepreneurship and the necessity for dominant theoretical framework of entrepreneurship analysis to be adapted according to identified specificities. Adapted theoretical framework should enable proper empirical study of female entrepreneurship, and should be a solid base for proposing economic policies that will be tailored to this segment of entrepreneurs. As an initial step in female entrepreneurship study in Serbia, this paper presents the results of a research of the current state and the dynamics of self-employed women in the Republic of Serbia. The results indicate significantly lower participation of women in the total number of self-employed. According to the results, active women in Serbia rarely choose self-employment as an option of their labour market engagement in relation to the option of paid employment.

Keywords:  entrepreneurship; self-employment; women

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