Economic Themes (2011) 49 (3) 9, 483-507

PHILOSOPHY ON THE PYRAMID OF KNOWLEDGE (appendix to the critique of „economic imperialism“)

Ljiljana Rajšić

Abstract: The subject of this paper is the relation between philosophy and the world of knowledge which is apparently obvious in the relationship between philosophy and economic science. From the critical discourse about this problem sprang the need for a more complete and deeper insight into this complex relation within the context of economic education. Attitude towards philosophy within scientific circles, which is significantly anti-philosophical, is reflected on the educational process itself and, thus, academic education (economic education as highlighted here) takes place within apparently dominant anti-philosophical spirit – philosophy is understood as something redundant and useless. Thinking about defiance and ignorance of the significance of philosophical education of economic experts, as far as economic practice and management are concerned, brings about the conclusion that this anti-philosophical attitude towards philosophy represents a dimension of expression of wrong kind of consciousness which economic-scientific thought is permeated by. “Economic-scientific imperialism” which is evident in the relation between philosophy and economic science significantly determines understanding of the importance of philosophy within the system of economicscientific knowledge. Whereas the founding importance of philosophy for economic-scientific knowledge is ignored, which causes philosophy as a compulsory propedeutic discipline to disappear from curricula of educational processes intended to educate economic experts, on the other hand we witness so-called omnipresence of „philosophy“ within economic disciplines themselves – boundless intellectual imperialism of economic utility and rationality principle which shapes the very economic-scientific knowledge which degrades the dignity of philosophy as much as possible.

Keywords:  science; philosophy; economics; economic science; knowledge; education; world economic crisis

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