Economic Themes (2011) 49 (2) 6, 235-249


Gorica Bošković

Abstract: Industry as an economic activity, i.e. industrialization as a process of transforming the economic structure of a country based on industrial development played a crucial role in the post-war economic development of Eastern European countries and SFRY (Serbia) as well. Owing to a high investment activity in this area of material production, impressive results were achieved. The period of industrial production growth in Serbia was terminated in the 1980s and the final failure of the applied industrialization model came about in the last decade of the 20th century. At the beginning of the current century, the total deindustrialization of the country began, along with the transition process. Additional problems, with regard to this, have afflicted Serbia due to the global economic crisis. This aim of the paper is to point to the consequences of the deindustrialization process as well as to the importance of the reindustrialization process, with special overview of the export-oriented reindustrialization strategy of Serbia. In order to incite the process, the state must have a key role, acting through new active and sophisticated industrial policy measures.

Keywords:  industrialization; transition; deindustrialization; export-oriented strategy; industrial policy

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