Economic Themes (2011) 49 (2) 5, 219-233


Biljana Predić, Suzana Stefanović, Dragan Dukić

Abstract: Small businesses, as a specific element of the economy, directly contribute to local and regional development, create jobs and solve the issues of balance in the economic structure. At the same time, through the specific relationship between rates of forming and closure of economic entities, market confirmes entrepreneurial ideas and skills for survival enterprises in the market. In addition to resources, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, managerial skills represent the backbone of the success and development of small enterprises. Given that in practice, growth and development of small enterprises are not accompanied by appropriate development of managerial knowledge and skills of managers, business consulting in management, i.e. management consulting is potentially very significant support to the management of small enterprises. Although the concept of management consulting usually involves finding and proposing specific business solutions, for small businesses the most important and long-term benefit from management consulting is acquiring knowledge and improving managerial skills of entrepreneurs. This results in successful management of the enterprise under dynamic and changing business conditions. Such entrepreneurs/managers should be a catalyst for building efficient enterprises, which are able to grow and develop, thus contributing to the overall economic development. However, management consulting services are underused, and often inappropriately managed.

Keywords:  management consulting; small business; growth and development of small business; development strategy

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