Economic Themes (2011) 49 (1) 6, 71-81


Snežana Štetić, Vanja Dragićević

Abstract: In Serbia, about 1,000 travel agencies operate. The most of these are small companies of emissive character, directed more towards the international tourism market compared to domestic one. Status and activities of travel agencies in Serbia are regulated by the Law on Tourism. To perform activities of travel agencies, technical equipment and educated staff are required, and these are the basic factors of the work process in the travel agency. Also, these factors, directly or indirectly, affect the quality of services provided to clients of agencies and to potential tourists. In this paper, the evaluation of travel agencies in Serbia was conducted by factors that are grouped into four categories: location and arrangement of tourist agencies, the technical equipment of office space, availability of tourist information materials and human resources, with the aim to identify weaknesses and deficiencies in travel agencies business in Serbia.

Keywords:  travel agency; Serbia; service quality

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