Economic Themes (2010) 48 (2) 9, 253-263


Mira Rakić, Beba Rakić

Abstract: Consumption of ethnic food in the world has grown. Mediterrranean cuisine (especially Italian and Greek) and Asian cuisine (especially Chinese, Thai and Indian) have been widely popular. Consumers want, buy and prepare Mexican, Kosher, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Japanese, French, Spanish, Greek and other authentic food and products. Consumers are exposed to new ethnic cuisine through globalisation, integrative marketing communications (especially advertising), travel (tourism, migration), stores, restaurants. Organisations in the Republic of Serbia could produce and promote healthy eating habits; healthy, Serbian food; and tourism. Proactive organizations can gain a strong competitive advantage through positioning and their differentiaation on the basis of healthy Serbian food. It is necessary to create ethnic food marketing strategy for positioning and differentiation of Serbian cuisine.

Keywords:  ethnic food; marketing strategy; positioning; differentiating

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