Economic Themes (2009) 47 (4) 12, 169-185


Ružica Kovač Žnideršić, Dražen Marić, Aleksandar Grubor

Abstract: The marketing concept of business operations involves the identification and satisfaction of consumer expectations, needs and desires, in a way that facilitates the growth in sales, profit and market share over the longest time period possible. For the marketing concept to be implemented, it is necessary for the company to understand consumers, i.e. how and why they behave, and create accordingly the range of its product and services that consumers will buy and use. A company’s business performance depends on the extent to which consumers are satisfied with the offer. Quality is often considered to be one of the keys to success. The competitive advantage of a company is said to depend on the quality and value, of its products and services. In order to achieve market success, companies should pay significant attention to consumer evaluation of the service quality. When the service provider understands how services will be evaluated by the consumers, it will be possible to identify ways of managing these evaluations and influencing them in a desired direction.

Keywords:  Service; Quality; Consumers; SERVQUAL; Perceptions; Expectations; Service quality determinants

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