Economic Themes (2009) 47 (1) 9, 153-166


Ljiljana Stanković, Ana Popović

Abstract: One the characteristics of successful enterprises are their capability to react fast to changes in the environment and connect to key subjects in the value chain. Demand prediction is a starting basis for planning of all activities and of the level of supplies in the chain. Having in mind the fact that the lack of supplies can endanger satisfaction and violate consumer loyalty and that the high level of supplies in a chain affects the increase of its efficiency, it is clear that it is necessary to make balance between assortment scope and possibility of maintaining adequate level of supplies. One of the possible solutions for simultaneous solving of the mentioned confronted aims is efficient answer to consumer demand and that is the ECR concept. The focus of this concept is the striving to integrate supply chain management with demand management. The application of the ECR concept contributes to the increase of business efficiency through development of cooperation relationship of different participants in the value chain. The implementation of this concept enables numerous advantages for the functioning of the whole supply chain. Its possible shortcomings refer to the application complexity regarding the huge money investment, implementation of new information systems and necessary organizational and cadre changes.

Keywords:  offer; demand; supplies; supply chain; consumer; value

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