Economic Themes (2008) 46 (4) 6, 63-72


Gorica Bošković

Abstract: Modern processes of the development of industry in the world proceed in the conditions of a very fast concentration and centralization of capital, unhindered flow of goods and services, capital, people, knowledge, idea, information and technology. The development interests of the most developed countries and the largest world (multinational companies) are at the base of these processes. The trans-nationalization of production represents a new way and new conditions of the business of economic subjects that are conditioned, in the first place, by a new character of international economic relations forming, today, in the world. In essence, the trans-nationalization of production supposes the internationalization of production and development of international integration, underlined by industrial cooperation.

Keywords:  concentration; centralization of capital; multinational companies; trans-nationalization of production; internationalization; international integration

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