Economic Themes (2008) 46 (4) 5, 51-62


Aleksandar Grubor

Abstract: The purpose of marketing channel design is to deliver value to final consumers. Similar to differences in the ways economic theoreticians have approached the study of value in different historic periods, marketing also displays noticeable differences in creating and delivering value. The 21st century marketing theory has been enriched by a new approach – the concept of holistic marketing, which regards the creation and delivery of value from the aspect of value network. According to the holistic marketing concept, marketing channel design starts from the first suppliers, distributors and consumers, but such a starting point is extended to the entire supply and delivery chain, placing the company into the centre of the value network. Building a system of partnerships and alliances facilitates the creation and delivery of supply on the highly competitive contemporary market.

Keywords:  design; marketing channels; value delivery; value network

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